QI REVOLUTION is a life-changing seminar attended by thousands of people every year from 2005-2020.

Teachings give ENERGY using the most effective Breathing Techniques, Qigong and Food-Healing Protocols.

"I've attended 100's of workshops on Breathwork, Energy & Martial Arts...

And this training has been THE BEST! 9Breath Method was more powerful than any breathing technique I've done. The Qigong Practice was magnetic and my joints are without pain !" - Mike Serano, LMT

Claudia Gabrielle, MD describes how she learned more in 4 hours from Jeff about Food Healing than in her entire lifetime of education!


Watch a Tai Chi Expert explain how Qi Revolution transformed his practice!!


QiREVOLUTION: Classic Course LOVED by 50K People. Remastered from our best videos made for Teachable!

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CONQUERING ANY DISEASE: Food Healing Certification Filmed November 2020 with all the latest science.

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